Frequently asked questions

Purchasing and licensing

I received the message "Invalid License Key".
I need a new license key after upgrading my computer.
I lost my license key.

I need an invoice.

What are the differences between Disk Recoup™ demo and licensed mode?

Why do European Union customers have to pay VAT?

We are required by the EU to collect VAT on purchases made by EU residents. Business customers do not have to pay this tax if a valid VAT number is provided.

I do not have a logon ID to logon to the QueTek web site.

The sole purpose of logon IDs is for buyers of multiple licenses to get additional licenses.


Does Disk Recoup™ modify the source drive?

Disk Recoup™ accesses the source drive strictly in read-only mode. It presents no risk to the source drive except for normal wear and tear.

Disk Recoup™ seems to be hung.

My computer hangs when booting up if the faulty drive is connected.

Try to boot from a CD into a simplified Windows® environment such as BartPE.