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Messages 401 to 410

Code Description
DRC401W "No data has been copied in the last <elapsed time>"

No data has been read from the source hard drive in the time specified. Disk Recoup™ may be hung on a read operation. See "Time and patience". If this error persists for a few minutes, you may need to reboot the computer.

DRC402W "The source drive has been copied with <nnn> unreadable sector(s).
Click on the button Copy to try and copy the unread sectors again."

The copy operation file is complete but with some unreadable sectors. You should click on Copy again. Disk Recoup™ will try and copy the missing sectors and usually will successfully read some more. You can keep doing this until no more sectors can be read.

DRC403W "No encrypted data was found."

No encrypted data was found on the Destination. The possible reasons include:

  • The data was already decrypted.
  • The data was encrypted in another session. You must click on "Browse" and load the correct session file.

DRC404W "The original Source/Destination was <drive>. The new Source/Destination is <drive>."

The name of the Source drive or Destination has changed. It can be the same drive but the name has changed due to a new disk number assignment. When you physically add or remove drives and reboot Windows®, the disk number assigned to a drive may change.

DRC405W "The serial number of the original Source was <xxx>. The serial number of the currently selected Source is <yyy>. Please make sure data is copied from the same Source."

You are resuming a previous copy operation and the hardware serial number of the Source drive is not the same as the original value. This error is most likely caused by the selection of the wrong Source drive.

DRC406W "The Source/Destination will be changed to <drive>."

You are opening a disk-image file or session file. The Source and Destination settings from the file will replace the current selections.

DRC407W "The Destination disk-image file should not be created on a compressed volume."
DRC408W "The Source drive is larger than the demo limit (1 GB). The Destination is encrypted and must be decrypted before use."
DRC409W "The program will use high-level disk operations."

You clicked on "Options", "Source Drive Optimization" and chose to use only low-level disk operations. However, the Source drive did not respond to low-level disk commands.

DRC410W "All data on <destination drive> will be overwritten."

You chose a dedicated hard drive to be the destination of a copy operation. Any existing data on the drive will be overwritten and permanently lost. See Dedicated destination hard drive.