Why use Disk Recoup™?

For a faulty hard drive that is not completely dead, Disk Recoup™ offers the following advantages:

  • An inexpensive alternative to sending the drive to a clean room facility.
  • Recovery of data in hours instead of waiting days for the hard drive to be sent, recovered and then returned.

Disk Recoup™ complements file recovery programs such as File Scavenger®. File recovery programs are effective in handling corrupt hard drives. However, they can be ineffective against a faulty hard drive. For example, after a few hours of scanning a hard drive, a program may encounter and hang on a spot of bad sectors. If you must reboot the computer or restart the program, you lose all the work already performed.

On the other hand, Disk Recoup™ is specifically designed to handle faulty hard drives with the following strategies:

  • Using the optimal combination of high- and low-level disk operations to read the source hard drive. Low-level disk operations are slower but more tolerant to hardware faults and less likely to hang on a read.
  • Employing intelligent algorithms to minimize the effect of bad media spots and other hardware faults.
  • Continuously saving the work already performed. If the program or Windows® does hang and a reboot is unavoidable, the copy operation can be resumed with no loss. Upon being restarted, the program will intelligently avoid the bad spot and continue to copy other parts of the source hard drive. See "Time and patience".
  • When the copy operation file is complete but with some unreadable sectors, you can click on Copy again. Disk Recoup™ will try and copy the missing sectors and usually will successfully read some more. You can keep doing this until no more sectors can be read.