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I,  *  , a duly authorized representative for  *  (The Customer), the legal owner of the computer equipment from which data is to be recovered:
  1. Hereby grant permission to QueTek Consulting Corporation of Houston, Texas, its subcontractors, and its partners (The Contractor) to perform any action necessary to recover data from the computer equipment.

  2. Fully understand and agree that this procedure involves unavoidable risks and may result in permanent loss of data thereon and/or damage to the computer equipment.

  3. Fully understand and agree that the Contractor makes no warranty or guarantee as to whether data will be recovered, and, if data is recovered, whether the recovered data is intact and usable.

  4. Release the Contractor of any liability for data loss, equipment failure, any incidental or consequential damage resulting from the Contractor’s action (or inaction) on the computer equipment.

  5. Fully understand and agree that the total liability of the Contractor to the Customer shall in no event exceed the total sums paid by the Customer to the Contractor.

All claims for liability and/or loss including without limitation any indirect, incidental or consequential damages which may occur as a result of any Contractor action (or inaction) is hereby expressly waived.

I agree to all of the foregoing conditions.

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The waiver is in effect from now until this project is completed.

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