Q: I lost my license key or
     I receive the message "Invalid license key".

A: Please follow the steps below to obtain a new license key.
Note: The procedure described below is for File Scavenger. The procedure for Disk Recoup should be very similar.
  1. Run File Scavenger on the computer that performs the recovery and click the Licenses button (Box 1 in Figure 1 below) to display the registration code (Box 3).

    Figure 1: The Licenses Dialog.

  2. Open a Web browser and point to http://www.quetek.com/cgi-bin/xferlicn (Box 6 in Figure 2 below).

  3. Type in your email address and the registration code (from Step 1) and click Send Request (Box 9).

    Figure 2: The License Transfer Page.

  4. Check your email Inbox for an email with the license key. Enter it in the License key field (Box 4 in Figure 1) and click OK (Box 5) to active File Scavenger. If you do not receive the key within several minutes, please check your Junk box for an email from help@quetek.com.

    If your email address has changed, click on the link My email address has changed (Box 7) to update your email address.