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Get License Key

If you have typed in a Purchase Code in the Licenses dialog, this dialog will be displayed.

Get a license key now (recommended).

If you choose this option and click OK. File Scavenger will get a license key directly from our website. This is recommended for almost all cases.

Get a license key using the Internet browser (special situations only).

Sometimes File Scavenger cannot get a license key directly from our website because of security settings on your computer or other special conditions. For example your computer may not be on the Internet. In those situations you must use an Internet browser to visit our web site and get a license key.


The Internet address of the website to get the license key from.

Registration code

The code you will need to type in to get the license key.

Purchase code

The purchase code you have received at the time of purchase.

Launch Internet browser

If you check this box the default Internet browser on your computer will be launched.

Note that if the problem drive (from which data is being recovered) is the boot drive, launching the Internet browser on this computer may reduce your chances of a successful recovery. You should use another computer to get a license key with the information displayed in this dialog.

If the problem drive is not the boot drive, the browser can be launched without affecting the recovery.

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