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Reconstructing a Spanned Volume

Use this dialog to reconstruct a broken spanned volume. Note that you do not need to use this dialog if a spanned volume is still accessible in Windows as one drive, even if it is corrupted or reformatted.

First sector

The first sector number of the extent. This value must be exact except when this is the first extent and the scan mode is Long. If you are not confident, you can use our RAID analysis service which applies to spanned volumes as well.

Physical disk

Select a physical disk that contains an extent.

Last sector

The last sector number of the extent. This value must be exact except for the last extent for which this value can be off by a few sectors with little or no effect on the end results. This value must not be larger than Maximum.


The maximum valid last sector number which is the size of the physical disk less one.

Extent size

The size in of the extent in megabytes. This value is automatically computed from the First sector and Last sector.


Adds this extent to the set.


Removes the highlighted extent from the set.

Disk extents

The ordered list of extents that form the spanned volume.

Move up, Move down

Rearranges the order of the extents by moving them up or down the list.

Total volume size

The total size of the extents which is also the size of the spanned volume.

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