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Load VMDK/VHD Files

Use this dialog to load VMware's virtual machine disk (VMDK) or Microsoft's virtual hard disk (VHD/VHDX). A virtual disk must consist of a base/parent disk. It may also have other accompanying delta link/differencing disks which store only modified blocks in comparison to the base/parent disk.

Base/Parent disk image

Specifies the full path to the parent/base disk. This field cannot be empty.

Delta link/Differencing disk images

Specifies the list of full path to the delta link/differencing child disk(s). If a virtual disk has no delta link/child, this box will be empty. However, if there exist more than one items, the order is very critical, i.e. the bottom item stores the most current data.

Add Link/Child

Adds one more item to the list.

Move Up, Move Down

Rearranges the order of the items by moving the highlighted item up or down.


Removes the highlighted item from the list.

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