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Volume Properties

This dialog displays detailed volume settings. It may also allow the settings to be set or changed.

Note that any settings set or changed in this dialog are only internal to File Scavenger®. No actual changes are saved to the hard drive being scanned.

File system

One of the supported file systems.


Volume capacity in sectors and in bytes.

Starting sector

The first sector of the volume.


Sector and cluster (block) size. The cluster size must be a multiple of sector size. Older hard drives always use 512-byte sector size. Newer hard drives may use 512-byte or 4096-byte sector size.

File system settings

The information displayed in this box is dependent on the type of file system.

I know the boot sector/superblock location.

Check this box if you know where to find the file system settings. For example for an NTFS volume, the boot sector contains the volume settings. For Ext, XFS and UFS it is the "superblock". For HFS+ it is the volume header.

If the sector resides on the hard drive, it does not have to be residing at the correct location. For example it can be a working or backup copy of the actual sector. The sector can also be read from a file where it has earlier been saved to.

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