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Overwrite Mode

Use this dialog to tell File Scavenger what to do when a filename already exists in the destination folder or two instances of the same filename are to be saved to the same folder.

Use the more recent file

Compares the dates and keeps the most recently modified file. This is the default option.

Generate a unique filename

For example, if "test.data" already exists, the recovered file will be saved as "test[1].data". If there is a second instance, it will be saved as "test[2].data". This option guarantees all files are saved but may require manual inspection to determine the desired copy.


With this option, the last saved instance will overwrite previous instances. The order of recovery is the order of display that can change when files are rearranged. Therefore, the final results may be unpredictable.


Do not overwrite an existing file. Like the Overwrite option, this may produce unpredictable results because only the first instance is saved. (None are saved when the filename already exists in the destination folder.)

Always use this response and do not ask this question again.

Uses the same option for future name conflicts.

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