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Frequently Asked Questions

Events Leading to Data Loss

What do I do after data loss occurs?

Under what conditions can I recover files accidentally deleted on Windows®?

Can I recover files from reformatted, corrupted or deleted drives om Windows®?

Can I recover files from failed attempts to merge or resize partitions?

My computer will not boot.

My computer was restored to original settings with a Recovery CD.

I reinstalled Windows and lost the files in My Documents.

Data Types and Disk Formats

Does File Scavenger® support NTFS? FAT? FAT32? exFAT?

What other file systems are supported?

How do I scan a bad laptop hard drive?

Can I recover lost Outlook PST files?

Can I recover lost emails?

Can I recover lost JPEG photos from a flash drive?

Installation Issues

I need an invoice.

What are the differences between the Personal Use and Professional Use license?

How do I upgrade from the Personal-Use to Professional-Use license?

Why do European Union customers have to pay VAT?

What accounts can run File Scavenger®?

I cannot scan a network-mapped drive.

When should I use the Quick versus Long Scan?

I cannot find files removed or emptied from the Recycle Bin.

How do I scan a drive that has no drive letter?

A file is displayed as zero byte.

Recovery Issues

I cannot recover data to a CD or DVD drive.

Files are "successfully saved", but some will not open in their respective programs.

Files recovered from a broken RAID will not open.

Files recovered in demo mode will not open.

I want to thank you for saving my data.

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