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8x750GB Seagate drive RAID 5 recovery

Hardware and RAID configuration

This was an 8x750GB drive RAID 5 holding two HFS+ partitions.


The RAID controller failed. The drives were removed from the server. Information about the RAID controller was not available.


  • All drives appeared fine. Data and parity data were intact.
  • The second HFS+ partition was found with key file system structures intact.
  • Only fragments of the file system structures could be located for the first partition.


  • We reconstructed the RAID using all drives.
  • We used File Scavenger® to recover data from the second (good) HFS+ partition.
  • For the first (corrupted) partition we gathered all found fragments containing the file system structure. With this information we were able to interpolate the location of the HFS+ partition and to recreate key directory structures.


  • The second HFS+ partition was completely recovered.
  • Most data on the first HFS+ partition was recovered.

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