Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

The practice of data mining or knowledge discovery, despite highly intricate procedures and applications, is based on a very simple concept. Collecting information from a breadth of sources for the purpose of analysis. Generally, data mining or hard drive recovery is done in order to glean information which can then be utilized to improve a process or technique. From business to science data mining has become essential to standard operations. For am ore in depth view of data mining and knowledge discovery and the variety of way in which it is used, visit the listings below for a full tour of this multi-faceted science.

Introduction To Data Mining

What is Data Mining?

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OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP)

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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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Data sources and Data Mining

The data sources above are only a few of the many places data for study can be obtained. As the technology of the digital age only continues to improve, it is certain that data mining will become even more integral in the development of business, education, and science. The global community continues to grow and thrive, and new information becomes available each day. With each step of progress, our ability to seek solutions to problems through the process of comparative analysis holds the potential to overcome many of mankind's obstacles.